A team of researchers studied the effect of low intensity microwaveelectromagnetic radiation on the blood cells and bone marrow of shielded rats, with particular emphasis on the ability of shungite to reduce the effect of radiations under these circumstances.From their results, it is concluded that the shungite has a positive shielding effect and no rat suffered the damaging effect of the microwave radiations.

Unique Precious Shungite phone sticker is made with 

Shungite Type 1 Elite

Shungite Type 2

Tiny silver particles that amplify the shielding effects of Shungite

Photo 1- A photo of the biofield taken with an Aura Camera

Photo 2 - An operating mobile phone was placed on the subjects lap showing

how wifi affects the biofield- notice the faded colours and supressed biofield

Photo 3 - A shungite phone sticker was applied to the operating mobile- The phone sticker confirms the shielding effects of shungite. 


New stock includes Gold!


24Kt Gold easily conducts electricity and magnifies Shungite

EMF Protection Phone Sticker